Rice’s and Bartley Dunne’s: Dublin’s first gay-friendly bars

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The social life of a gay man in Dublin in the early 1970s was summed up as such by one contributor to the 2003 book ‘Coming Out: Irish gay Gay experiences Experiences (2003)’:

As for most of us, being gay in those days was a very lonely experience. There weren’t many opportunities to meet gay people, unless you knew of the one bar – two bars, actually, in Dublin at that time, Bartley Dunne’s and Rice’s … They were the two pubs and if you hadn’t met gay people, you wouldn’t have known about these pubs; there was no advertising in those days, and it was all through word-of mouth.

Bartley Dunne’s and Rice’s proved to be critical points of social interaction and first emerged as gay- friendly pubs in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

George Fullerton, who emigrated to London in 1968, was quoted in Dermot Ferritier’s…

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